Tips For Avoiding Checking Account Fees

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Having a traditional checking account is both convenient and time saving. The downside to keeping one open is all of the fees that some banks choose to pile onto their customers. Here are several tips to help you avoid these fees.

  • Bank Online. This means more than making payments online. Many banks offer online only accounts that are fee free.
  • Direct Deposit. Most banks will waive all fees if you add a direct deposit.
  • Shop Around. While you may have been banking at the same location for years, shopping around can help you save a bundle. A bank is just like your cable company: another one may be more practical and save you money.

With many large banks becoming desperate to find new ways to increase their bottom line, fees are becoming hard to handle. Keep these tips in mind in order to save money and never hesitate to ask a customer service representative about their checking accounts with the lowest fees.  This can help you avoid ever having to resort to Alabama debt consolidation or credit counseling in AL.