5 Maintenance Issues Homeowners Shouldn’t Ignore

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Maintaining a home can be more costly than the monthly mortgage payment. It is one of the unfortunate side effects of home ownership. Some repairs can be ignored for a short time while others must be attended to immediately to prevent extensive damage. Here are five repairs that must be taken care of right away no matter what your financial situation is.

  • Replace missing shingles or roof tiles. This should prevent extensive damage to the underlying wood.
  • Unblock and replace bent or leaking gutters to prevent roof and foundation damage.
  • Replace outlets that are loose or occasionally shut off. No reason to chance a fire.
  • Replace insulation of caulking around doors and windows on a regular basis. No reason to spend more each month when a little maintenance can prevent it.

While this one is not a repair technically, you should never neglect it. Maintain the proper types and levels of home owner’s insurance at all times. No one can predict a flood or tornado and no one will fix your house if you let the insurance lapse.  It may cost a bit extra, but it’s better than having all of your hard-earned savings go to home repairs, when you could have been paying off your debts through an Alabama debt consolidation company.