4 Tips To Lower Your Cellphone Bill

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According to a recent study, 87% of Americans have a cellphone and the average bill per phone is $71. What a cash cow for cellular providers. What a financial drain for many people. Financial advisers often tout using your cell only and shedding your home phone, which makes you dependent on your cell provider. Despite that dependence, here are ways to cut that cell bill each month.

  1. Do you really use your data plan? If not, consider switching to less sophisticated phone that does not require a data plan. If you use data, but in small amounts, consider a different provider. T-Mobile offers a $10 plan and AT&T offers a $20 plan.
  2. Download Skype to your smartphone. This allows you to bypass the cell network for some calls and texts. This may allow you to lower your minutes or text limits, thus saving up to $20 per month.
  3. Pre-paid phones are a great option for those who are light users. Straight Talk offers unlimited voice, text, and data for $45 a month. The downside is that the phones are going to be full price.
  4. Then there is the ever popular shopping around. Many carriers offer introductory  prices for new customers. Some carriers will lower your bill if you tell them you are thinking about switching. After all, less money is better than no money.

As America’s dependence on mobile devices increases, so will the bills, which increases the chances of having to resort to credit counseling in Alabama. In our supply and demand economy there is no other option. Hopefully, you have found a tip above that will help you control your bill.