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Debt Consolidation Agencies Pell City AL

We make it easier to combine the money you owe into one single monthly payment.

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Debt Consolidation Pell City AL

In most cases, Pell City residents opt to consolidate their debts within a debt management plan. A DMP has many benefits:

  • Consolidated Payment
  • Less Expensive Interest Rates
  • Forgiven Late Payment Fees

In addition, these plans are generally rather cheap.

Debt Consolidation Pell City AL

Pell City (AL) Debt Consolidation Loans

Loans for debt consolidation are used to pay off your credit card balances at a significantly better interest rate.

The advantages of debt consolidation loans in Pell City, AL, mirror those of debt management programs, such as combined monthly payments, hardly any calls from collections companies, and lower rates of interest. Of course, you’ve got to have good credit to get this type of loan. Also, it will not allow you to become debt free any faster. In fact, it may take longer. Speak to a debt consolidation professional in Pell City, AL, to check which option is right for you.

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Consolidating Payday Loans in Pell City, AL

Payday loans have been becoming more prevalent as a result of the economic recession. We estimate that 867 people in Pell City get payday loans regularly, and around 659 of these borrowers are re-borrowing on the original amount. How many is that in terms of percentages? We’re talking more than 75%!

Are you currently past due on at least two of these loans? No problem, we can help you find Pell City AL payday loan consolidation companies that will help you consolidate your Pell City payday loans with just one payment per month, serve as a barrier for phone calls from collectors, and cut back on the excessively high interest levels associated with these kinds of loans.

Isn’t it time to get rid of payday loan debt?

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Evaluating Your Debt: Pell City, AL

Debt Consolidation Programs Pell City AL

If you would like consolidate your credit card debt, you must know just how much debt you’ve got with respect to how much you make.

If at all possible, approximately 33% of your income will be devoted to paying back what you owe. These debts include ones that are secured and unsecured:

  • Credit Cards
  • All Loans
  • Rent or Mortgage Payments

If you make $2,963 per month, which is the average in Pell City, then, if possible, you would spend no more than $1,096 a month. Having said that, many Pell City residents are in major debt, classified as a debt to income ratio of more than 50%. They’re shelling out more than $1,511 per month!

There are 16,679 people who live in Pell City, and 1,398 can hardly afford the minimums every month. Does that sound like you?

Consolidation Programs: Pell City (AL)

  • Credit Care, 2410 Cogswell Ave, 35125
  • Consumer Credit Counseling, , 35004