Credit Counseling: Gardendale (AL)

AL Debt Relief

Are you having trouble paying down your credit cards or bills each month? Well then you’ve come to the right place.

We can place you in touch with a debt relief consultant who can:

  • Assess Your Spending habits.
  • Provide a Savings Quote.
  • Recommend the Most Effective Solution.

When you starting working with a credit counseling firm in Gardendale, AL, you could possibly:

  • Consolidate Your Monthly Payment
  • Get More Affordable Interest Rates
  • Avoid Calls From Debt Collectors
  • Create a Detailed Monthly Budget

There are 13,484 people residing in Gardendale, AL, and about 497 may need credit counseling.

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Debt to Income Ratios: Gardendale (AL)

Your debt to income ratio, also referred to as DTI, helps to evaluate whether you need credit counseling.

Income DTI Debt Seriousness
$3,827 Less than 36% $1,378 or less No Problems
$3,827 36%-43% $1,378-$1,646 Decent
$3,827 43%-50% $1,646-$1,914 Problematic
$3,827 50% Plus $1,914 or More Assistance Needed!

Credit Card Counseling Plans: Gardendale (AL)

Debt Counseling Gardendale AL

If you have significant debt, your credit counseling expert might advise you to participate in a debt management plan. Why should you sign up for a debt management program? Well, you might enjoy:

  • Cheaper Rates
  • Reduced Debt Collection Agency Phone Calls
  • One Monthly Repayment
  • Swifter Debt Payback

Your credit counselor will control paying your creditors each month. The only thing you have to do is supply them with one single payment per month.

Gardendale CCCS vs Other Debt Relief Solutions

Credit Counseling Gardendale AL

Keep in mind that no debts are pardoned as part of consumer credit counseling. Even though a debt settlement would reduce your total debts, it can wreck your credit scores.

Avoiding Credit Counseling Shams in Gardendale, AL

As long as you are dealing with an experienced company, credit counseling can be highly effective. In fact, the Federal Trade Commission now requires it for people filing bankruptcy in Alabama and across the country, but good credit counseling services in Gardendale, AL, and across the nation will traditionally offer:

  • 45 to 60 Minutes of Introductory Advisement
  • No Costs Upfront
  • A Tailor-Made Plan Of Action
  • Accreditation Qualifications

Just remember that non profit status doesn’t always mean that a credit counseling firm is bonafide.

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How Much Will Credit Counseling Help You Save?

It’s hard to say exactly how much it’s possible to save. However, it can often result in cheaper monthly bills by way of lowered interest and penalties. Credit counseling helps save time and cash. Find out more today.

Fees Associated with Credit Counseling Agencies in Gardendale, AL

Credit counseling firms in Gardendale and across the nation are not allowed to charge advance fees by the FTC.

Although not without cost, debt management is a low cost solution for most Gardendale residents. There is typically an enrollment fee of no more than $75, along with a monthly fee of $25-$30. How much will your monthly payments be? Typically 2.5% of your total debt.

Below is a top level view of how much your monthly payments would be, given different degrees of financial debt.

Debt 2.1% 2.5%
$25,000 $525 $625
$35,000 $735 $875
$45,000 $945 $1125
$50,000 $1050 $1250
$60,000 $1260 $1500
$65,000 $1365 $1625
$75,000 $1575 $1875
$80,000 $1680 $2000
$85,000 $1785 $2125

Credit Counseling / Debt Management Agencies in Gardendale, AL

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